Embroidery News 23

Alternative fleece, artwork changes, can your logo be too tall?... Read on!

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Embroidery News Style Focus: Alternative T's and Fleece

"Eco Jersey, Vintage, Cotton Model, Eco Fleece" all describe Alternative apparel - soft, simple, and sustainable T's and fleece. Here are some popular styles:Colorblock zip hoodie by Alternative

  • AA32023 - Men's colorblock eco-fleece zip hoodie in eco grey/eco red, eco grey/ eco black, eco navy/eco grey
  • AA9582 - Ladies eco-fleece sweatshirt with a raw-edge, off-the-shoulder neckline in eco black/, eco grey, eco navy, eco wheat, camo and stars
  • AA31082 - Ladies eco-fleece slim-fit joggers in eco black, eco grey and camoLadies raw edge, off-the-shoulder sweatshirt
  • AA9881 - Men's eco-fleece slim fit, cuffed pants in eco black and eco grey

Artwork - What Changes Can't Be Made?

Uncertain what changes can't easily be made to your artwork when converting it to an embroidery set-up?

  • Change Fonts - the font(s) must stay the same unless its necessary to simplify the font. Then the digitizer (person who creates the embroidery set-up) must modify the text in the artwork before converting it to stitches. This can happen when a detailed font is used for small text.
  • Add Elements without having artwork for them - This includes adding text or an image or completing a partial image
  • Downsize Design Elements to any size - sometimes a design element can't be decreased to a size that's small enough for the logo without being too small to be embroidered. Just because a printed logo can be downsized to the required size doesn't mean it can be translated into stitches that will embroider well.

Embroidery News: Apparel Defined:

Come across some unknown words when shopping for embroidered apparel? Here are some definitions:

  • Bonded Fleece - multiple layers of fleece are bonded together to create a heavier fleece
  • Carded Ring Spun Cotton - cotton that contains a wider range of fiber lengths because it hasn't been combed and therefore isn't as strong as combed cotton
  • Chin Guard - a fold of soft fabric located where the zipper ends at the neck. This fabric is also referred to as a "zipper garage".