Artwork Considerations - Embroidery News 23

What artwork changes an be made for your embroidery set-up?  Can your logo be too tall?... Read on!

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Embroidery News Style Focus: Alternative T's and Fleece

"Eco Jersey, Vintage, Cotton Model, Eco Fleece" all describe Alternative apparel - soft, simple, and sustainable T's and fleece. Here are some popular styles:Colorblock zip hoodie by Alternative

  • AA32023 - Men's colorblock eco-fleece zip hoodie in eco grey/eco red, eco grey/ eco black, eco navy/eco grey
  • AA9582 - Ladies eco-fleece sweatshirt with a raw-edge, off-the-shoulder neckline in eco black/, eco grey, eco navy, eco wheat, camo and stars
  • AA31082 - Ladies eco-fleece slim-fit joggers in eco black, eco grey and camoLadies raw edge, off-the-shoulder sweatshirt
  • AA9881 - Men's eco-fleece slim fit, cuffed pants in eco black and eco grey

Embroidery News: Apparel Defined:

Come across some unknown words when shopping for embroidered apparel? Here are some definitions:

  • Bonded Fleece - multiple layers of fleece are bonded together to create a heavier fleece
  • Carded Ring Spun Cotton - cotton that contains a wider range of fiber lengths because it hasn't been combed and therefore isn't as strong as combed cotton
  • Chin Guard - a fold of soft fabric located where the zipper ends at the neck. This fabric is also referred to as a "zipper garage".

Can Your Logo Be Too Tall?

If your logo is vertically orientated it can usually be sized down so it meets the standard sizing for a left chest logo. Having a "tall" logo will allow you to have a slightly larger logo because there is more vertical than horizontal space in the left chest area. If your embroidered logo is sized so its 4" high or more and you want to use shirts with a left chest pocket you may want to have your logo embroidered in the right chest location.

Logo File Name?

About to send artwork to your embroiderer? Make sure the file has a distinctive name. Resist the temptation to call your file "logo", "shirts" or "caps".