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Wondering how to handle small embroidered text? Connector threads - what are they? Read on!

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Embroidery News Style Focus: Nike Golf Tall Dri-Fit Micro Pique Polo

  • 604941 - Men's Tall Polo, sizes LT - 4XLT

Men's Nike Golf polo in tall sizesA 100% polyester, tall sized polo with all the great Nike Golf features - Dri-Fit moisture-management fabric, a flat knit collar and open hem sleeves. This polo is available in 17 different colors including "team green", "valor blue" and "night purple".


Connector Threads?

Connector threads are those thin threads that connect letters in an embroidered word. Unlike printed items where each letter is printed separately, letters in embroidered text are usually connected with the thread stopping at the end of the last letter.

If the text has been properly kerned (spaced) and the digitizer (person who creates the embroidery set-up) is correctly trained then the connector threads usually can't be seen. But, if the text hasn't been kerned or the letters aren't connected in the right place then embroidered text can look ragged and unprofessional.


Embroidery News Apparel Defined:

Here are some definitions that you may have encountered when shopping for embroidered apparel:

  • Dobby weave - a decorative weave that's usually geometric. Most dobby fabrics are fairly flat and usually fine or sheer.
  • Dolman sleeve - a tapered sleeve that is large at the armhole and fits closely at the wrist opening. Its usually cut as part of the body from one piece of fabric.
  • Double-needle stitching - a sewed finish commonly used on a sleeve or hem. Two needles are used to create a double seam that looks well and is more durable.
  • Dri-Fit - a Nike Golf term used to describe fabric that moves perspiration away from the skin for rapid evaporation so the wearer is more comfortable.