Hat Designs - Embroidery News 28

Wondering if your hat design can be embroidered close to the brim? What designs work best for embroidered hats?  Read on!

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Embroidery News Style Focus: SuperPro Twill Button Down ShirtS664 Shirts

  • S663 - Men's SuperPro Long Sleeve Twill Button Down Shirt
  • L663 - Ladies SuperPro Long Sleeve Twill Button Down Shirt
  • S664 - Men's SuperPro Short Sleeve Twill Button Down Shirt
  • L664 - Ladies SuperPro Short Sleeve Twill Button Down Shirt
  • L665 - Ladies SuperPro 3/4 Sleeve Twill Button Down Shirt

This sharp-looking button down is a top performer! It resists soil and wrinkles and releases stains! It comes in seven colors in sizes XS-4X. It has long and short sleeve cuts for men and women and a ladies 3/4 sleeve style!


Embroidery News Apparel Defined:

Come across some unknown words when shopping for embroidered apparel? Here are some definitions:

  • Jacquard Knit - a pattern knitted into the fabric during the manufacturing process. Two or more colors are used to create the pattern.
  • Jersey Knit - a knit with a smooth, flat surface. Traditional T-shirts were made from jersey knit fabric.
  • Kangaroo Pocket - a front pouch pocket in a sweatshirt. The pocket on a full zip sweatshirts is called a "split kangaroo".
  • Locker Loop - a looped piece of fabric located in the inside collar or on the back of the shirt that is used to hang up the shirt.

Don't Forget Polar Fleece During the Warmer Months!F226 Micro fleece full zip jackets

Polar fleece during the warmer months? Yes! If you work in a heavily air-conditioned environment you'll appreciate the cozy, lightweight warmth that microfleece provides!