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Can gradient colors be embroidered? Can white pixels be removed from artwork? Want a subtle look for your embroidered logo? Read below!

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Want a Subtle Look For Your Embroidered Button Down Shirts?

Create a classy look. Focus on one part of yourMen's fine line no-iron dress shirt logo, possibly a simple image that represents your business, and have that image embroidered in a small size with a tone-on-tone thread color.


Ordering For a Group?

Keep things simple and uniform. Limit style possibilities and color options. Set a firm deadline for when order information should be received.



Can white pixels be removed? Yes! If your artwork file contains a white background it will be removed when your embroidery set-up is done. If your logo contains elements in white its important to tell your embroiderer that those items should be in white thread.


Correct Colors?

Unsure if you'll receive the correct logo colors for your polarPolar fleece jacket with zipper fleece? We'll match your design colors as closely as possible but colors can look different when viewed online due to differences in computer systems. Still unsure? You may request to have an embroidered swatch to mailed to you so you can check the colors.