How Are Embroidery and Screen Printing Orders Processed?

Information about how embroidery and screen printing orders are fulfilled.

This Is How Orders Are Processed:

  • Contact us - You contact us to request a quote (please include style number, quantity and any questions you have and attach your logo). You don't need to include your artwork if its a reorder.
  • Quote - We'll respond with an itemized quote and answer your questions. Let us know if you want to place an order and we'll email an invoice from PayPal.
  • Invoice - We'll email an itemized invoice from PayPal. The location of your logo, shipping cost (if any) and turnaround time will be included. PayPal will give instructions on how to complete the transaction. You don't need a PayPal account to check out as a guest and pay by using your credit card.
  • Payment - We'll email you after receiving your payment so you know your order was received. We'll say when to expect your set-up proof. We'll email your embroidery/screen printing set-up within two days after receiving your payment. Your proof will be in the correct colors so you'll see how your design will look. We'll ask you to let us know if this proof is correct or if changes are needed.
  • Production - After set-up approval we start production. We'll make sure we have the correct styles, sizes and colors. A sample is run and checked before your order is run. Embroidered items are trimmed, steamed and individually folded. Screen printed shirts are folded in groups of twelve.
  • Packing - Items are organized by style, color and size and packed and labeled for UPS Ground shipping. Smaller orders of 1-4 items may be shipped through USPS Priority Mail.
  • Shipping - You receive an email from UPS Quantum View or from us when your order has shipped. This email will include your tracking number(s) and other shipping information.


  • Contact us and we'll finalize the details! We'll be happy to help!