Big and Tall Embroidered Jackets

Want to feel comfortable and look good wearing jackets but nothing fits well? If you're tall then big and tall embroidered jackets may give you the perfect fit. We carry classic favorites like the Challenger and Competitor jackets along with soft shell "must-haves" like core and textured soft shells. You'll love the extra length in the sleeves and torso and you don't have to settle for a limited color selection!

Do You Have a Great Selection of Stylish Tall Jackets To Choose From?

Check out our tall sized jackets below. You'll find a great selection of jackets appropriate for business or casual wear. These styles coordinate with regular sized jackets so everyone can have a uniform look. Pick out a style and present a confident image wearing a jacket that fits you. What are you looking for?

  • A classic bomber style jacket? Checkout the Challenger and Competitor jackets below
  • A soft shell jacket with a microfleece lining? See the Core Soft Shell jacket below
  • An all season Jacket? Search for the TLJ792 Tall Nootka Jacket
  • A waterproof soft shell? Search for the TLJ798 Tall Soft Shell Jacket
  • A warm, durable jacket for work wear? Search for the TLJ763H Tall Duck Cloth Hooded Work Jacket

We'll help you find the right style and size and guide you through the ordering process. You'll look great wearing your custom embroidered tall sized embroidered jacket!

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Tall Sized Basic Jackets:

Tall Challenger Jacket

TLJ754 Tall Challenger jacket in black

Port Authority TLJ754

Jacket with nylon shell with fleece lining

A classic mid-weight jacket with a fleece lining and pockets with zipper closures.

Tall Competitor Jacket

TLJP54 Tall Competitor jacket in royal

Port Authority TLJP54

Jacket with nylon shell and lightweight fleece lining

A lighter version of the Challenger jacket with a light-weight lining.

Tall Sized Soft Shell Jackets:

Tall Core Soft Shell Jacket

TLJ317 Tall core soft shell jacket

Port Authority TLJ317

Soft shell jacket with a lining

You'll love this popular soft shell jacket with a microfleece lining.

Tall Soft Shell Jacket

TLJ705 Textured soft shell jacket

Port Authority TLJ705

Soft shell jacket with a woven shell

Looking for something different? This soft shell jacket has a woven shell.

Present a Confident Image!

Look great wearing big and tall embroidered jackets! You'll love the selection of styles and appreciate the number of available colors. Don't settle for a jacket that doesn't fit you when you can feel great wearing tall sized embroidered jackets!

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