Embroidery News

 Tips and miscellaneous information about the process of custom embroidery!

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Which Text to Keep?

Deciding which text to keep in your embroidered logo? When in doubt leave it out! Eliminating small text will allow more room for your business name and your embroidered logo will be easier to read.


White Backgrounds - Can They Be Removed?

One of the most commonly asked questions we receive is "Can you remove the white background in my artwork?" The answer is "yes" although we don't actually remove the background. Your artwork is used as a template when your embroidery set-up is created. If your artwork has a background it is excluded so you only see your design when you view your embroidery proof.  Note, if you have white elements within your design its important to tell your embroiderer if those elements are to be embroidered in thread or if that's a negative area where the shirt fabric should show through.


K467 contrast trim poloWant Your Logo To Pop?

Choose a shirt with a contrast trim color and have your one-color logo embroidered in that color. Don't have a one-color logo? Pick a contracting trim color that matches the color of your business name.


Advertise Wherever You Go with custom embroidery and screen printing!


Logo Fit On a Visor?

You have 1" in height for an embroidered visor design so itsSport-Tek colorblock visor best to focus on your business name in a bold font with a thread color that contrasts well against the visor. Keep it simple for custom embroidered visors!