Embroidery and Screen Printing Sizing Information

Locate Sizing Information:

Sizing information is available in our shopping cart. To locate it go to our Store, navigate to a particular style (you'll see a full size image of the style) and click the "View Specsheet" link in the upper right. Here you will find size measurements along with a line drawing of the style, PMS color and fabric information. We recommend using the sizing information for each style to get the best fit rather than using a general sizing guide. Styles run true to size. Size measurements are based on the garment measurements after the item has been washed. When in doubt we recommend ordering the larger size.

If you've had trouble ordering the correct sizes we recommend ordering sample shirts in different sizes. Depending on the group, you may only need to order alternate sizes. For example, ordering sizes M and XL for a group of men may be enough to determine everyone's correct size. Samples can be returned for credit or to be embroidered once you've determined what sizes are needed. Contact us for additional information.