Design Tool to Upload Your Artwork

Want to see how your artwork looks on a particular shirt? Navigate to a style in our Store, upload your logo and see how it looks! This feature is great for visualizing your design on different styles and shirt colors

Upload Your Artwork

I'm sorry, our Design Tool is currently unavailable. If you email us your artwork/ text and the garment style number we'll be happy to send you a mock-up with your logo or text on the style.

  1. Click Store (first link in main navigation bar)
  2. Navigate to a style (you'll see a large picture of the style with color swatches below)
  3. Click on the color swatch of the desired item color
  4. Click the "logo" tab, click "upload logo" and select the second option to upload your logo

This works great for artwork with a transparent background because the item color will become the background. If your artwork has a white background then you need to remove it by selecting the correct transparency threshold. This will allow you to remove the white pixels that form the white background.

Adjust Size

You have the capability to adjust the size and angle of your design. Once your logo is visible, roll over the image and you'll see the design wheel. Click or drag the points to adjust the size and placement of your design.

Add Text

You can add text to an image or use just text by clicking the "text" tab and entering a line of text in the box. Select a font from the list and click the "add text" button. You may adjust the size and angle of the text by using the design wheel.

Design Tool Limitations

The design tool is great for creating a quick mock up but it has limitations. It can't give the exact sizing and colors you may want. It can only add one line of text and the font choice is limited. It can't make modifications to your artwork such as increase text size, simplify special effects or remove an unwanted background if that same color is in the logo. While it accepts a variety of file types (eps, jpeg, gif, tiff, png and bmp) if you have a different format you'll need to convert it to a usable format first.

Design Modifications

Minor adjustments to your design can be made to your design during the embroidery set-up process. Color changes can be made, small text can be enlarged, unwanted borders and shadows can be eliminated and gradients can be simplified without requiring additional artwork.

Your Embroidery Proof

Your embroidery proof will show how your embroidered design will look. It will be in stitch format (you'll see actual stitches) and will contain all the necessary modifications in the correct colors with the right sizing. Still unsure about the embroidery set-up process and how your logo will look when embroidered? Order an embroidered sample shirt before continuing with your full order.

Unsure About a Process?

  • Contact us and we'll discuss you order! Email or call 609-204-9724

Need More Information?

  • If that special effect in your logo can be recreated in thread? Let's discuss it!