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Order Correct Polo Shirt Sizes For Your Group

You've been put in charge of ordering polo shirts for your group. How do you find the correct style with the right sizes? Most people know their T-shirt size but when it comes to polo shirts they may be uncertain.

Polo Samples

If you need embroidered shirts for a large group its best to order samples in different sizes. When ordering for children you'll want a sample in every size but you don't necessarily need every size for adults. For example, samples for alternate sizes such as S, L and 2X will work for a group of women.

Polo Style Details

When choosing a polo style make sure you know how much shrinkage to expect. For example, a 100% cotton polo will shrink more than a cotton/polyester blend shirt. If you need a range of sizes that include larger sizes (greater than 2X) and tall sizes, tell your embroiderer so they can choose a style that meets your needs. Also, don't forget other desirable details such as a pocket or certain contrast trim color.

Polo Shirt Order Form

Its important to have a clear order form. Construct the form with "fill-in-the-blanks" so necessary information won't be left out.


  1. Name and contact information for the person filling out the form
  2. Due date
  3. How payment is made (for example, "make a check out to Team Sports")
  4. How the order form will be collected
  5. Contact information for person coordinating the order


  1. Garment size (for example, "men's L" or "youth XL")
  2. Quantity
  3. Color (include options)
  4. Style options (if offering more than one style)


Include an area for the person's printed name if names will be added to the shirts.

Keep the ordering process as simple as possible. If you decide to offer more than one shirt color, take into account whether your design will contrast well against the colors you've chosen. For example, if your logo consists of dark colors such as navy and forest green, it will look best on light colored shirts such as white, ivory, tan or light blue. Keep your order form simple and clear and your group will be happy with their custom embroidered polo shirts!


Need to Order Polo Shirts Without Knowing the Correct Sizing?

Distributing polo shirts for a fund raiser? Need to figure out sizing without knowing who's in the group? Consider these factors:

  • Will the group consist of both men and women or will it be primarily men or women?
  • What's the medium age range of the group?

Men's Sizing:

Most men wear either size L or XL but the number of men wearing size 2X and up has increased in the last few years. A significant number of younger men will wear size M and a smaller number will wear size S.


Women's Sizing:

Most women wear size M through XL although some wear size 2X and up. Younger women wear more shirts in sizes S and XS. Some women's styles, especially T-shirts, are designed to have a more fitted appearance. In that case plan to order more larger sizes. When in doubt, order up a size!


Sizing by Percentages for an Average Group of Men:

S - 5%

M - 20%

L - 35%

XL - 30%

2X and up - 10%


Sizing by Percentages for an Average Group of Women:

XS - 2%

S - 15%

M - 25%

L - 30%

XL - 25%

2X and up - 3%


If you order a men's shirt for both men and women, remember to order down a size for the women. For example, if you need ten size M shirts for women you'll need to order ten size S shirts if you're using a men's shirt.

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