Embroidery Designs

Click Great Notions Embroidery Designs to search for stock embroidery designs. There are over 20,000 embroidery designs to choose from.

 Embroidery Design Size

When selecting a stock embroidery design, it is important to look for a design that is sized correctly for your needs. A design that is 3.5 inches wide cannot be used for a jacket back design. Check our design size chart below to see what design size will work for you.

  • Left chest - 3.25" to 4" wide & high
  • Jacket back - 6" & up plus text
  • Hat/center - 2" high by 4.25" wide
  • Visor - 1" high by 4" wide


Thread Colors

Thread colors can be changed but you can't add additional areas of color. For example, if you choose a design of a white cat you can change the color of the cat to black but you can't change the cat into a calico (3-colored cat).



Additional text can be added to most designs but there may be size restrictions depending on the size of the design, its placement and the amount of text to be added. Once you have selected a design, we can show you possible font styles to use for your text.
Contact us if you don't see the design you need. We may be able to suggest another option. When you finish looking for designs, close the catalogue window and you'll return to this page.