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Have questions about cap designs? Read on!

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Should Staff Shirts Be the Same Color?

Looking for some thing different for your next set of embroidered hats? Consider having just an image or smaller, representative version of your logo embroidered on the front left panel.

Want Subtle  Embroidery?

Use a tone-on-tone thread shade (thread color similar to the garment or hat color) to create a subtle, classy embroidered logo. This type of embroidery looks especially good on dark and light colored garments and garment dyed hats.

Can My Photo Be Used As Artwork?

Photos are good for showing logo placement but unless your logo is very simple a photographic image isn't clear enough to work as artwork for your embroidery set-up.


Can You Use a Docx File For Artwork?

Docx files are word processing files rather than artwork files so they aren't as good at handling images, fonts and colors. Because of this unexpected things can happen like substituted fonts when docx files are opened on a different computer system. To avoid these problems its best to not use docx files.

Black puffy jacketAdvertise During The Colder Months!

Advertise your business during the colder months by having your employees wear embroidered jackets, sweatshirts, sweaters, polar fleece and hats.