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Designing a logo? Revising your logo? Read on...

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Want More BANG From Your Embroidered Logo?

  1. Eliminate non-essential text like web addresses and phone numbers
  2. Simplify or eliminate details like outlining and drop-shadows
  3. Increase the size of your business name
  4. Choose a shirt color that contrasts well with your logo colors or adjust your logo colors.

Bags Make Great Give-A-Ways!

Duffel bagCustomers love getting bags because they are so useful and you don't have to worry about getting the right size. Let your customers advertise your business wherever they go with custom embroidered bags!

The Quality of Your Embroidered Logo reflects your business image. A well embroidered logo will reinforce your business approach and the products and services you provide.

Completing Logo Revisions?

After completing your logo revisions ask for comments from people who understand your business and will provide honest feedback. Spend time developing a logo that speaks for your business and it will play an essential part in developing your business branding.

Unsure if your embroidery set-up proof is the right size? Cut a piece of paper to the size, tape it on a shirt, stand three feet away and picture your logo in that area. Still unsure? Request an embroidered swatch and view it from a three foot distance.

K455 Rapid dry poloUnsure what style will work best for you?  Ask your embroiderer!  Let them know who will be wearing the shirts and the general type of shirt you need and your embroiderer can make style suggestions that work for you!