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Can polar fleece be embroidered? Why do printed dark T's cost more?

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Overwhelmed By The Number of Different Polo Shirt Styles?

The polo shirt has really evolved from being a standard placket, one-cut-fits-all shirt in either 100% cotton or a blend! Today there are lots of choices including performance 100% polyesters to performance cottons, bamboo, industrial strength and a multitude of options in between. Sizing options have also broadened to include ladies styles, tall sizes for men and extended sizes for men and women. Unsure what style to choose? Don't know where to start? Consider:

  1. Who will wear the shirts
  2. Will they be comfortable
  3. Where will the shirts be worn
  4. What tasks does the wearer do
  5. The professional image you want to convey
  6. How long you expect the shirts to last
  7. Your budget
  8. If you need a range of sizes including extended and tall sizes

While most polo shirts styles are now available in a ladies cut not all styles are available in larger and tall sizes.


The quality of your embroidered logo can be greatly improved by finding the right embroiderer who will answer your questions and provide a quality embroidered product.


Can Polar Fleece BeEddie Bauer fleece Embroidered?

Yes, but small text and details may need to be eliminated. Your embroiderer can improve the look of your design by adding a topping during the embroidery process and slightly increasing the size of the design.