Sizing Embroidered Designs - Embroidery News 8

Can an embroidered design be resized? Can you match a previously embroidered design without the stitch file?

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Matching a Previously Embroidered Design?

Trying to match a previously digitized cap design? If you can New Era hatssupply the original embroidery machine file then most likely it can be used. If you can't provide that then you'll need clear artwork (not an embroidered hat or a photo) and the dimensions of the existing embroidered design. Even then, there may be slight variances due to differences in machines, software, thread and digitizing styles.


Advertise Your Business Wherever You Go When you run errands, wear embroidered items. People will see your logo and ask about your business!


Considered Camp Shirts?

Camp shirts are a great alternative to polo shirts. Camp shirts are cooler and comfortable to wear and are perfect for workers such as restaurant servers who need to look nice.


Correct Thread Colors?

Unsure if the correct logo colors will be used for your embroidery order? We'll match your colors as closely as possible to your artwork. But, colors can look different when viewed online due to differences in computer systems. Still unsure? If you can provide PMS (Pantone Matching System) colors we can use the closest matching thread colors and you can request an embroidered swatch so you can check the colors.