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Proof Versus Mockup - Is There a Difference?

An embroidery mockup gives a general idea of how your design will look on a garment. An embroidery proof shows your design in stitches with the correct colors on the correct background. It also gives the exact design measurements.


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Heathered fleece full zip jackets

Have You Seen the New Heathered Fleece?

You'll love the cozy warmth and versatility of heathered fleece. Wear it as an outer layer or under a jacket.


How Is Artwork Checked?

What do we check in your artwork to decide whether it will work for embroidery? We size it to its embroidered size and make sure all the design elements and text are readable. We also check to see if your logo colors will show up well against the shirt colors you've chosen.


Looking for a Snag-Free Polo?

Polo shirts made from an open weave are more likely to snag.  Many polo fabrics that are designed to be snag-resistant are marked "snag-free" to make it easy to find the right style.


Want a New Look For Your Button Down Shirts?

Choose a mini check or plaid shirt and have your logo embroidered in a thread shade that's slightly darker than the shirt color and your embroidered logo will have a subtle new look!