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Choose the Right Shirt Color For Your Embroidered Logo

Need help choosing the right shirt color for your embroidered logo? Making a good choice is easy for some logos especially if you have a one color design in a basic color such as navy or black. Then any light or contrasting color shirt such as yellow, green or red will work. But what if you have a multi-colored logo with different colored text? How do you pick the right shirt for your embroidered logo so your design is readable and stands out?

Business Logo Background Color

Whether your business logo was created by a professional graphic artist or amateur designer, most logos are presented against a white background. This works well when adapting the logo to mediums such as print advertising or a web page but unless you plan to wear white shirts; it doesn't work well for embroidery.

Common Shirt Color Mistakes

What's the most common mistake made when choosing a shirt color for your embroidered logo? Picking a color that is the same as the text in your logo. Why does this happen? Small business owners tend to associate a particular color with their business. This color is primarily used for their business name because it is the most representative element of their business. The problem occurs when owners choose a shirt color, they view that color as a strong element in representing their business so they want the shirts to be in their primary business color. If the business name is embroidered against another color in the logo such as the name in navy embroidered against a field of red thread, this may work. But, in most cases the name is embroidered directly on the shirt making it unreadable when embroidered against a shirt that is the same or a very similar color.

Backgrounds that Highlight Your Embroidered Logo

How do you fix this problem? Think of your shirt color as a background that highlights your embroidered logo. Choose a shade that contrasts with the colors in your logo and your logo will make a strong impact. Don't be afraid to experiment. There are lots of new shirt colors especially in green and blue hues that can help make your embroidered logo stand out while giving it an updated appearance!


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