Stitch Count - Embroidery News 6

You've probably heard the term "stitch count" but do you know what it means?

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Tall Sizes - How Much Extra Room?

Tall sizes typically have 2-3" additional length in the torso and sleeves. Tall sizes with pockets have the pockets placed lower on the shirt. Tall sizes are recommended for tall individuals and people who want to stay tucked in. If you usually get regular sizes and are switching to tall sizes, you might want to order down a size to obtain a trimmer fit.


Give Employees a Choice!K514 polos with tonal horizontal stripe

Let your staff pick their shirt colors. If you don't want a full array of colors then select a few shades so everyone can wear a color they like.


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What Is "Digitizing"?

"Digitizing" is the process where different embroidery stitch types, lengths and directions are used to interpret artwork. A "digitizer" is a person who is trained in this process.


Accelerate Your Team Spirit!

Sport your team colors with tricolor polos! You'll love the performance qualities of these cool-looking tricolor shirts. Their moisture-wicking, tag and snag-free features will help keep you performing at your best!