Artwork Adjustments - Embroidery News 13

Tips on how to adjust your artwork so it will work for an embroidered design!

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Style Focus: Cool, Two-Tone Cap!

New Era 1020 hatThe New Era NE1020 is a stretch mesh cap that will keep you cool! It has a structured, mid profile with a stretch fit back and is available in 17 color combinations. With mesh panels on the sides and back you'll stay ventilated on the warmest days!


How Do You Get Your Shirt Logo to Work For Embroidered Hats?

Since most embroidered hat logos are limited to 2.25" high many left chest sized logos must be modified to work for hats. Many times a logo can be simplified. Using one element from your design and having it embroidered on the left or right side can work. Eliminating a tag line or moving an image to the side will also provide more space. Or, just use your business name.


Look Sharp Wearing SoftBig and tall embroidered jackets Shells!

Wearing soft shell jackets will help give your company team a competitive edge. Embroidered logos look great on soft shell fabric. Having employees wear embroidered jackets will give your business extra visibility!


Give embroidered shirts, hats and fleece to friends, family and loyal customers and let them advertise for you!